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My Upcoming Events:
Saturday, September 27, 2008, 10-3
Saturday, November 1, 2008, 10-3
Fall Project Days

Custom Domino Pendant Necklaces


Collection 1
Collection 2
Twilight Collection
Jewel Collection

 These fun and funky pendants are designed and handcrafted by me in my home. Using the finest quality porcelain dominoes, acid-free materials, and high-quality sealants, these two-sided pendants are just beautiful. Browse the selection on my website, shop my Etsy Store, or consult for custom pieces designed for your family or business.



Visit my Etsy store to make safe purchases online. In my Etsy store, ForYearsToCome, you'll find Domino Pendants, Hair Clips for Girls, Scrapbooking Projects, Handmade Cards, and Home Decor.


Custom Paper Crafting Services


Custom Scrapbooks
Custom Cards or Invitations
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My Upcoming Events:

August 27 - Project Night
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For Years to Come
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Visit our eBay Store for a wonderful selection of Iron Home Decor, Wall Art, Scrapbooking Supplies, Custom Pendants, and other great items. Selection is continually changing, so visit often!


Please feel free to contact me using any of the information below. Estimates and consultations are free for all services.

Ashley Savage
Uppercase Living
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